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 Network Analyzer Announced

Hypertron announces the release of our first generation Network Analyzer.  The system is capable of generating and analyzing multiple protocols simultaneously over TCP / UDP.  Network Analyzer supports multiple endpoints and can be used in a variety of applications including: stress testing, performance testing, monitoring with alerts and packet scheduling. Network Analyzer is built on DOTNET and can run as a standalone application or a cluster of service endpoints providing the ultimate in flexibility for both IT and hardware software development environments. Network Analyzer will will run on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003.

Network Analyzer is scheduled to ship Q4 2008.

 SDIO Analyzer Announced

Hypertron announces development of SDIO Analyzer .  The system enables both silicon and SD device manufacturers to analyze and develop hardware and software.  The system captures both SDIO and SDI bus data at the hardware level and displays trace information in a protocol friendly manner.  Events can also be captured from software during driver or application development through the SDIO Analyzer API further reducing the development cycle.  SDIO Analyzer will capture data at 24 MHz via a USB 2.0 High Speed interface.

SDIO Analyzer is scheduled to ship Q4 2008.

 SDIO Extender Released

SDIO Extender allows capturing of bus data via external devices such as Logic Analyzers, Oscilloscopes and other bench devices.  SDIO Extender  is completely passive providing real world measurements.  All pins are exposed via standard jumpers for voltage data and clock measurements.  Traces can also be cut to intercept or interrupt the data bus and power, then can be reconnected with a standard jumper. A power led indicates that the SDIO Extender is securely connected to the SD host Device.

SDIO Extender is available now.

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